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Why MP3s are so popular

Before I address why the MP3 format is so popular, let’s take a look at what is an MP3 format. Basically, an MP3 is a file extension for an audio file. More importantly; it’s an encoding format that is used to compress audio sound files with very little loss in its quality.

In the early ‘90s, MP3s began appearing. It became the format of choice among internet users and peer sharing because it could reduce the file size, sometimes as much as a 12th of the original file size. Because MP3s files are easy to create, everyone began jumping on the band-wagon. It became an overnight success.

Today, there are plenty of formats to choose from when it comes to formatting audio files. MP3s popularity in file formatting is still widely used, however; due to software differentiation MP3s may not be the best choice. Depending on the system that operates your music programs, an alternative file format maybe required.

Regardless of what your choice is or the capabilities of your system, there is a format for you.



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