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How am I a part of Web 2.0?

My thoughts???

Being connected has always been the future of computers. Ever since I began using computers, the thought of one computer interacting with another computer has been in the forethought of connectibility. I believed someday I would play a role in that, but I am some two decades late.

As for Laporte description of the evolution of media; there is no doubt how much the internet has changed the media. Years ago I use to read the “news paper” almost on a daily basis (mainly for the classified section) however, for the past 8 to 10 years I have yet to read an article or look at an ad provided by a printed media outlet. I normally choose to go online and see the news I want to see and nothing more. For example: If I was to look up the score to a baseball game, I would be provided with numerous hits for the search parameters I set.



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